Quantity Surveyor in Cornwall

Providing exceptional QS service across Cornwall and available for larger projects further afield, with more than 18 years experience in this industry we can meet client demands from a single story projection to a multi-million pound construction project.

Customer Service

First and foremost our most important service is collaboration and working with our clients and supply chain to achieve most value and to tailor our service to meet the clients needs.

Early Costs Advice and Feasibility Studies

We can provide accurate and representative cost advice at an early stage of a development to test its viability or set budgets for use through the process.


We have considerable experience and knowledge of all procurement routes and can advise our clients on the most suitable route for their project.

Budget Estimating and Cost Planning

We can provide detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning, including early identification of high cost elements and proactive solutions as the design stages progress.

Tender and Contract Documentation

We can provide all forms of tender and contract documentation to meet the needs of a desired procurement route. This includes accurate and descriptive Bills of Quantities or pricing documents, Contract formation and issuing of tenders as required.

Contractor/Subcontractor Commercial Management

Our experience allows us to offer comprehensive services to Contractors and Subcontractors, including contractual advice and resolution, packaging and tendering of construction projects, valuations, contract management of the supply chain and final accounts. Including all necessary cost reporting and change management through to completion.

Bills of Quantities

We can provide Bills of Quantities to define the quality and quantity of works required to be carried out by the main contractor with measured quantities of works as identified on the project drawings and specification.

Risk and Value Management

A key service that we suggest to all our clients is risk and value management, which can be instrumental in achieving project success. Our team will evaluate and periodically review project risk and value management through all stages of the construction process.

Post Contract Services

We can provide construction stage Quantity Surveying services to track live construction cost, carry out valuations, track and cost changes, review risk, all seen through to preparation and agreement of a Final Account.